3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Help The B2B Sale

By Allison Sword

The popularity of augmented reality (AR) technology is on the rise. Popular in the commerce and retail space, at one point you’ve probably scanned your mobile device and instantly been connected to an interactive personalized shopping experience.

As AR becomes readily available and adoption continues to move forward you’re sure to see a wider spectrum of industries including AR in their selling toolbox and the B2B sale is no exception, adding AR to your sales pitch can help in a variety of ways:

  1. Shorten Your Sales Cycle 

Once a need has been established a buyer will begin to research. How fast your buyer can comprehend how your solution can help them is critical. By adding an AR element you are putting the buyer in the driver seat and giving them the tools they need to research and compare your solution against others, by immersing the seller in the experience you are ultimately shortening the buying process.

  1. Visualize and Personalize

Sellers need to be able to approach a prospect and be able to tell a story that is personal to the buyer and engages them to want to know more about your solution. As long as your solution is something that offers a benefit to the buyer AR quickly breaks down the traditional ‘not interested’ barrier by bridging the gap that allows the buyer’s mind to tell a story. AR allows your buyer to quickly experience your solution first hand to get them to the next stage in the sales process where they can dig in and compare your solution against your competitors.

  1. Instruct and Guide

Tailored experiences have long been popular in the online retail world. Product recommendations, wish lists, crowdsourced suggestions are recognized as the new shopping norm. You can take that same concept and add experience to your B2B offerings. By providing multiple buyer suggestions and insights into your self-guided platform you are increasing the chance that the buyer is going to spend a greater amount of time interacting with your solution. The more time the buyer spends learning about your solution the more memorable your solution becomes, becoming a larger factor in their consideration set for when they are ready to close.

Author, Allison Sword is Director of Community Engagement at Accelerate

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