5 Quick Ways To Update Your Training

By Allison Sword

Training in today’s business world is slightly different as many organizations can have as many as five generations working together. As your bringing on new team members don’t expect to keep the exact system you have used and seen the newest members of your team flourish. Read on to see 5 things you can implement now to make your training more valuable.

  1. Experience. Because the younger generation changes jobs faster than generations as little as ten years ago, they have less in-depth training and experience but crave more in-depth training programs. According to recent research from Forbes, millennials value leadership training above anything else, so make sure to incorporate that into your program.
  2. Technology. Everyone knows that the younger generation goes nuts over tech. Try to incorporate technology into your training strategy to show your business is at the top of your game.
  3. Social. The newest members of your workforce love any opportunity to be social and interact with others. Make your training interactive by incorporating group work, gamification, team challenges, leaderboards, and rankings.
  4. Interests. The younger generation tends to get excited about social impact and cause-oriented activities, in fact, according to a study conducted by Georgetown University 92% of millennials believe businesses should measure success on more than just profit. Your training needs to focus on your culture and mission as well as the regular day to day revenue must-haves.
  5. Interaction. Workers love feedback. They prefer it more often than ever before, with most preferring one-on-one feedback sessions on a monthly basis.

Author, Allison Sword is Director of Community Engagement at Accelerate 

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