5 Tips For Coaching After The Sale Is Lost

By Allison Sword

No sales rep likes to mark a deal as ‘closed-lost’ but as a coach, you can use this difficult time to your advantage. Build credibility with these 5 tips on coaching after the sale is lost.

Some of the most important coaching moments happen after tough losses. Start with pinpointing the moment the momentum turned, and then work on addressing the problem.

Don’t forget these important tips along the way:

  1. Address the issue quickly. Once the problem has been identified, it’s time to address it and address it fast. Coaching moments work best when delivered immediately after the problem.
  2. Schedule regular reviews. Make sure lost deals don’t fall through the crack by scheduling regular reviews to catch up with your reps, use this time to talk about deals that are in the pipeline as well as deals that have been marked ‘closed-lost’ you’d be surprised how many deals can be reopened because it just wasn’t a good time.
  3. Build a deal review culture. Do the best teams only talk about their losses? No, they celebrate their wins too. Create a continuous stream of learning by focusing on both.
  4. Establish a coaching culture. Never single out the weak links.  Don’t determine who gets coachable moments based on skill level. If newer reps see more successful reps going through the sales coaching process after major deals are lost, they’ll be excited about the opportunity to do the same.
  5. Continue to train. Regular training leads to 50% higher net sales per employee, so make the most of these opportunities by explaining your goals

Author, Allison Sword is Director of Community Engagement at Accelerate

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