Launched in November 2018, Accelerate is a nonprofit, destination social network created to share insights and best practices in the sales enablement community.

Accelerate features downloadable resources and templates, member-based video interviews, insightful industry articles and a virtual community board only accessible by sales enablement, training, and learning and development practitioners.

Content is uploaded weekly and focuses on the education, brainstorming and skill building of the sales enablement community.

Funded through sponsorships, including global sponsor Showpad, Accelerate maintains a strict mandate focusing on publishing non-promotional, vendor agnostic, editorial content focusing on relevant issues to the sales enablement, learning and development, and sales training professions.

Accelerate is a nonprofit community and dedicated to the continued education of the sales enablement profession.  



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"Trying to do Sales Enablement without a formal platform is like trying to play music without sheet music. A formal platform gets everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction."
Paul Petroski Jr, IBM Watson Health/Sales Enablement Leader