Emily Radkowski

Director, Revenue Enablement , DataRobot

Continued Training in Sales Enablement

Emily has been an integral part of the enablement field for the last four years. Before heading up enablement at DataRobot she was part of the initial enablement team at Threat Stack and initially started the Enablement organization at Placester, Inc where she was in senior sales before moving to enablement.

Emily’s background in sales and the quest for knowledge is the main driver for her success. Emily knows first-hand how important it is for training and development past the onboarding stage and strives to provide her team with continued opportunities to learn and develop their skill-set.

Read on to discover why it is important to continue to train and challenge your reps after onboarding and learn tips for how to engage your senior sales reps while working with your more junior reps to get them closer to senior level.

Accelerate: Tell us what the term sales enablement mean to your business?

Emily: It is critical to our business that we continue to build sales productivity, velocity and above all proficiency. In order to ensure success, this requires ownership of methodologies, processes and enablement programs that will drive rapid, consistent and scalable programs.


Accelerate: What is one enablement tool that is a must-have for your team and how do you measure its effectiveness on your sales enablement efforts?  


  • MEDDICC. We’ve adopted this methodology as a way to enhance our team’s sales acumen to drive up our win rate percentage. 
  • CMS tools have also been a great way to collaborate with other internal teams to ensure our Sales team is equipped with current collateral that is easily consumed and retained. 


Accelerate: Tell us about your strategy for continued enablement training past the onboarding stage. 

Emily: This is the single most important piece and what I am most passionate about in my profession. I believe in onboarding from day 1 and throughout an individual’s career. As salespeople advance in their careers, they should be supported, trained and coached into their next role. From the newest entry-level rep all the way up into our leadership team, I believe that we all can continue to evolve, challenge ourselves and embrace the uncomfortable to continue to innovate and progress forward. 


Accelerate: What is one tip you have for keeping a senior seller engaged in enablement training?

Emily: Innovate. Challenge yourself and others. Stay curious. Challenge and aid your management team to enable others to rise to your level. Demand to work with the best of the best. 


Accelerate: How does continued enablement help a company retain their salespeople? 

Emily: Companies can set themselves up to practice a draft and develop an approach to their teams. I am not just talking about sales in a silo here. Sales needs to partner with other organizations around the company to succeed. As the market grows, sales teams level up to service their clients in a very tailored way to ensure they are providing the utmost value to a company. As the product grows, sales teams will increase their technical knowledge and enhance their sales acumen to speak eloquently about their products. 


Accelerate: How did you get into the enablement field?

Emily: Throughout my sales career as a quota carrier I was fortunate enough to have a manager that recognized that I was more invigorated by the strategic focuses the business would make or the various methodologies I would research and apply to the deals I’d be working. Usually, I was the go-to person for onboarding new reps or helping with training. I also would spend a lot of my time outside the office building reports around the team to figure out where we were lacking in efficiency. He approached me with an opportunity to create a new role to help support the sales team in their operations and efficiency. 


Accelerate: What are the steps someone might take to get into the enablement field? 

Emily: Personally, I believe that because I’ve spent time throughout the entire sales cycle it made me understand and empathize with salespeople, but also has allowed me to come to observations and solutions more confidently. If enablement is a route interesting to folks, I would stay in constant communication with your manager and when issues arise on the team (productivity is down, tooling is preventing your work, etc) always approach your manager with a solution-oriented conversation. What I mean by this is raise concerns as well as proposed ideas as this approach really starts to create healthy habits and makes you a stronger communicator. 


Accelerate: Considering all the people you’ve met in your field, what personal attributes are essential for success?


  • Be Curious
  • Be Self-Starting
  • Be Autonomous
  • Fail Fast, Learn Often
  • Take Risks
  • Challenge
  • Be A Leader
  • Be Supportive


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