Jaclyn D'Arcy

Sales Enablement Manager , Lumere

Implementing a Charter

Accelerate: You’ve recently started working on your enablement charter, what were the first steps you took to include leadership?   

Jaclyn:  Involving leadership early-on is imperative. I realized (through WISE) that we need an enablement charter and that for the enablement function to be effective and efficient, I would need executive support of my activities throughout the company. I set up 1:1 meetings with the head of services, head of sales, and CEO. I shared why I thought a charter was important, how it would help me serve their teams better, and how it could hold enablement accountable and give metrics to measure success. Framing it as an accountability tool was useful for my leadership team.


Accelerate: Before you initiated building a charter, how did the enablement function at Lumere interact with the sales and go-to-market and marketing teams? 

Jaclyn:  Enablement was very reactionary at its conception. Putting out fires and satisfying low-hanging fruit was the status quo for the first couple of months. Outlining a charter and a 2020 plan enabled me to be strategic in our priorities, our process, and create better outcomes for our organization. 


Accelerate: Many of us have had an ah-ha moment that led us to build our charters, did you have one before you started to build yours out? 

Jaclyn:  Yes. As I started planning for 2020, I realized there was no understanding of who enablement REALLY served, and how we prioritized projects. The executive team knew what we were producing, but did not understand the greater strategy behind it or what their teams should be working towards. In a meeting with our services team to identify OKRs for 2020, they asked me “well, what are the enablement OKRs? How do you fit into what we are doing?” that I realized I needed to educate the organization on the purpose of enablement, our strategy, and the intended outcome. 


Accelerate: The enablement charter is often something that is misunderstood by people, not in an enablement function, can you share your best practices for helping leadership outside of enablement understand the importance of the charter? 

Jaclyn:  The charter is a huge value-add for anyone not in the enablement function itself. Team leads and executives (actually anyone in the company) want to understand how to work with and benefit from enablement. The charter provides transparency to our strategy and informs and educates the entire organization. Because enablement teams are different in every organization, I found it useful to explain that the charter would be our way of communication to the organization where we fit in, what we do, the outcomes we expect, and how we hold ourselves accountable.


Accelerate: Can you share the short-term successes you’ve had working with CS and sales leadership to build out your enablement charter? 

Jaclyn:  Let me start by explaining that I am extremely fortunate to work with a leadership team like mine. They have always seen the value of enablement and see themselves as enabling enablement. That being said, getting them involved early was super important for not only the success of the vision but because they were instrumental in shaping the vision. Because of their guidance and leadership, they partnered with enablement to help craft the charter to be meaningful and successful. 


Accelerate: Is there anything you’d change if you went back and started the charter process again? 

Jaclyn:  I would have done the enablement charter in my first three months! It would be interesting to see how the charter started out in the beginning and how it has changed as our company grows!


Accelerate: How did you get into the enablement field? 

Jaclyn:  I spent 4 years in marketing, 4 years in sales and then went to get my MBA at Northwestern. It was at Kellogg that I studied the science of selling and became fascinated by the habits, tools, and teams that support and coach sellers. After that experience, no other position excited me the way sales enablement did! The rest is history 🙂


Accelerate: What tips do you have for someone looking to transition into an enablement role?  

Jaclyn:  Spend time with the sales, client success, and marketing teams. Integrating those three teams will be a huge advantage if you decide to go into enablement. If you like working with the people on those teams, love building content, and enjoy coaching people, sales enablement is the role for you!


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