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Accelerate: What advice would you give to someone who is a sales enablement team of one and feels lost? 

RJ: It’s easy to get lost in the details. Don’t say yes to everything… Work closely with your sales leadership team to create a Charter of deliverables & prioritize no more than (5) deliverables per quarter. Check-in frequently to ensure that you’re all on the same page. Remember, you can do anything, not everything!

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Accelerate: How can someone quickly build executive buy-in for their sales enablement program?  

RJ: If you come from a sales background, highlight that immediately. If not, work with the customer-facing team & sales leadership to gain credibility. Once you get a couple of “wins” under your belt, work on building a partnership that will lead to executive buy-in. Ensure that all of your deliverables are revenue-generating & can be validated inside of your CRM.


Accelerate: What foundation should a company have in place before building out their sales enablement team?  —If they didn’t have this foundation before building the function what can they do to get back on track?  

RJ: It all begins with the value that the sales leadership team puts on enablement. Generally, there should be a number of sellers in place driving revenue. It’s usually tied together hyper-growth inside of the company.

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Accelerate: What are your tips for preventing sales enablement from being a dumping ground for ‘fixing all things broken’? 

RJ: Sales Enablement is an up-and-down ride that moves the needle where it matters, driving sales teams to peak performance and customers to brand loyalty. Ensure that your group’s Charter is focused on providing “value” across the entire Buyer’s Journey & that it’s tied to the overall selling process. Remember, we’re not the “fixers of broken things” & only fall into that category in the absence of value around driving increased revenue!

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Accelerate: As a team of one, what should the primary duties of a sales enablement manager be? 

RJ: Sales Enablement has a broad and powerful impact on business success, which means Sales Enablement is no longer an option. It’s crucial for survival, growth, and success! It should be the hub that spokes out to every part of the organization. At its core, it should focus on communication, collaboration, & orchestration to ensure scalable and repeatable success throughout the seller’s career.


Accelerate: How can a sales enablement team of one ensure they are effectively working across all departments to provide value?  

RJ: It all begins with an assessment across multiple lines of business to understand their needs, deliverables, & in come cases disconnects. This will help to establish a working relationship that is the baseline of a true partnership. All of your activities should point back to revenue-generating metrics. 

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Accelerate: What tips do you have for practitioners who are looking to grow their sales enablement teams? 

RJ:  Keep a record of all asks, suggestions and completed tasks to ensure you have ample ammunition to validate additional headcount. Outlined below are some of the activities:

  • Surveys
    • Accreditation Passing Marks
    • Bi-Annual Needs Analysis
    • Program-Based  Surveys
    • Usage Stats (Learning Management System & Content Management System)
    • Communications Deployed
    • eLearning Statistics


    • % of completed Enablement Requests
    • Accreditations/Certifications
    • Communications Deployed
    • eLearning statistics    (Assigned vs. Completed) 


Accelerate: What red flags should someone in a team of one be aware of when implementing a sales enablement program? 


  • Lack of clear definition of the roles, responsibilities & value of Sales Enablement (I.e.: Training AIN’T Enablement)
  • Lack of executive-level go-to-market strategy
  • Lack of future headcount allocated to meet the business’ needs


Accelerate: What resources are available to help sales enablement teams?  

RJ: Don’t recreate the wheel… There is an enormous amount of resources out there. I’d recommend attending Sales Enablement conferences, joining sales enablement focused LinkedIn groups, becoming an active member in the Accelerate community, and connecting with a veteran, sales enablement practitioner as a mentor.


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