Taryn Rosada

Head of Global Learning & Development , Yotpo

Sales Management Buy-In

A graduate of Penn State’s prestigious Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, Taryn Rosada started her career in PR and event management and soon found she had a passion for helping people and teams through developing programs.

After ten years of leading training programs at some of NYC’s leading media companies, including Conde Nast and AOL, Taryn currently leads sales enablement and company-wide talent development as Head of Global Learning and Development at Yotpo. 

Read on as Taryn shares with us some of her tips for encouraging managerial buy-in and ideas for putting together a plan to help include sales management in the enablement process.

*Note, this interview is from June 2019, when Taryn was Director, Sales Enablement at Intersection.  Taryn is now Head of Global Learning & Development at Yotpo.


Accelerate: In a few sentences tell us what sales enablement means to your organization? 

Taryn: The mission of our Sales Enablement (one person) team is to deliver learning experiences and tools that enable Intersection Revenue employees to do their best work and drive business results. The Sales Enablement function was created in 2018 due to the growing needs of the business. As the company evolved and the sale became more complex, there was a need for training to help sellers effectively sell everything in the sales bag. 


Accelerate: What is one enablement tool that is a must-have for your team?  How do you measure its effectiveness on your sales enablement efforts?  

Taryn: Our must-have enablement tool is our learning platform, Showpad Coach. Because we have 9 sales offices across the country, Showpad Coach allows us to scale training. We use the platform to create short learning videos on products, sales skills and tools, and systems. The content we put into the learning platform becomes the foundation for deeper learning in the classroom. 


Accelerate: How do you build rapport and get buy-in from the management team? 

Taryn: To achieve sales enablement success and get buy-in from management, I usually focus a few things – needs assessments, learning objectives and pilot programs. Everything should start with a needs assessment to ensure that training (or another sales enablement tool/program) is the right solution. Once you have defined the problem, you outline the learning objectives. Meaning you fill in the blank on “After this session/program, learners will be able to….” and then have leadership sign off on the expected learning objectives. From there, I always recommend starting with a pilot group to make sure the program works. That way, you can make adjustments as needed before rolling it out to the rest of the team. 


Accelerate: Can you share any real-life examples of times when you’ve included the management team in the sales enablement process and what the outcome was? 

Taryn: In the past, I have run certification programs via a pitch recording technology in our learning platform. Whenever we do a certification, we always certify managers first. Their participation is key to the success of certification – it holds them accountable so they hold their teams accountable and everyone learns as a team to help each other succeed. Once they pass the certification, they’re responsible for grading their team members. 


Accelerate: After you’ve provided a structure to develop your management team’s knowledge, how do you go about ensuring they are following your plan to coach their team? 

Taryn: We provide leaders with the tools they need to coach their teams. We create templates, best practices, examples, whatever is relevant to help them and then we plan out communications and follow up to hold them accountable. 


Accelerate: What is the biggest challenge of putting together an enablement program for management? 

Taryn: Managers always have a busy schedule so it’s about creating tools that make them more effective and productive. Being thoughtful about the cadence and amount of time you’re requiring of both managers and their teams will help you achieve success. 


Accelerate: How did you get into the enablement field? 

Taryn: My career started in PR and event management. I realized I had a passion for helping employees and building programs internally which led me to a role in sales training. After 8 years in the space, it’s exciting to see the continued growth.  Companies are starting to realize how a Sale Enablement function can help drive their business forward. 


Accelerate: If you could go back to university and take one class that would help you in your enablement career today what would it be? 

Taryn: Instructional design.  I took a course at NYU a few years ago via their Leadership and Human Capital professional pathways program. ATD (Association for Talent Development) offers similar courses.   


Accelerate: What’s the biggest misconception about the enablement profession?

Taryn: The general definition of sales enablement is that it is the process of providing the sales organization with information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively and successfully engage buyers. The focus of sales enablement teams across companies can vary based on the needs of their organization. That’s why a platform like Accelerate is so valuable to me so that I can share best practices and learn from others in the space who have done it before! 


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