Rachel Reyes Wheeler

Senior Training Manager , Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

Enablement Project Implementation

In this interview, Rachel talks about some of her past projects and shares how she's worked with her team to measure success.
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Alea Homison

Vice President, Sales Enablement, AlphaSense

Sales Enablement vs. Sales Training

Alea Homison is Vice President, Sales Enablement at AlphaSense. In this insightful interview, Alea shares why AlphaSense prioritizes sales enablement.
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Andrea Ihara, Director of Sales Enablement and Development at Innovyze
Andrea Ihara

Director of Sales Enablement and Development , Innovyze

Relevant Messaging In Sales Enablement

Meet Accelerate Member Andrea Ihara, in this video interview Andrea shares her tips on how you can be sure your prospecting email messages are relevant in today's mobile world.
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Claire Scull, Sales Enablement Lead at Veritas Technology
Claire Scull

Sales Enablement Lead, Veritas Technology

The Meaning of Sales Enablement

Meet Accelerate Member Claire Scull, in this video interview Claire shares what sales enablement means to Veritas and how she found her way to the industry.
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Stephanie Middaugh

Sr. Sales Enablement Manager, Divvy


In this in-depth interview, Stephanie discusses onboarding and shares her tips for creating, maintaining, and growing an effective, engaging onboarding program.
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Zach Coffman, Sales Enablement Manager at UBER Technologies
Zach Coffman

Sales Enablement Manager, UBER Technologies

Measuring Content Effectiveness In Sales Enablement

Read on to learn more about how Zach measures content effectiveness and ensures his team at Uber has the right content they need to engage their end-user.
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Sales Enablement Administrator at The Sacramento Kings
Martina Cole

Sales Enablement Administrator , Sacramento Kings

Sales Enablement Technology

Martina talks about her role in sales enablement, what a typical day looks like, and how The Sacramento Kings are pioneers of sales enablement in the sports industry.
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Emily Radkowski

Director, Revenue Enablement , DataRobot

Continued Training in Sales Enablement

Emily shares the importance of continuing to train your reps after onboarding and gives tips for how to engage your senior sales salespeople also while working with your less seasoned reps.
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Director, Sales Enablement at Zywave
Drew Luzi

Director, Sales Enablement, Zywave

Initiating the Sales Enablement Function

Learn Drew's tips on when a company knows it’s ready for a sales enablement role, who needs to be involved in the decision, what the costs are and how productivity can be measured.
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Nina LaRouche

Sr. Manager, Sales Enablement,

Sales Training in Sales Enablement

Learn more about what drives Nina in the industry, tips for creating an enablement role, and thoughts on where the training role sits in a sales enablement hierarchy.
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Taryn Rosada

Head of Global Learning & Development , Yotpo

Sales Management Buy-In

Read on as Taryn shares with us some of her tips for encouraging managerial buy-in and ideas for putting together a plan to help include sales management in the enablement process.
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Director, Global Enablement & Training at Percolate
Irina Soriano

Director, Global Enablement & Training, Percolate

Sales Coaching in Sales Enablement

In this in-depth interview, sales enablement leader, Irina Soriano, shares her best practices and talks about the importance of sales coaching, how to measure the success of a coaching program.
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Meganne Brezina, Manager, Global Commercial Enablement at Emarsys
Meganne Brezina

Manager, Global Commercial Enablement, Emarsys


Learn more about how enablement leader, Meganne Brezina, uses a 30-day intensive onboarding training system to assure her sellers are focused on generating and closing deals.
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Paul Petroski Jr, Sales Enablement Leader at IBM Watson Health
Paul Petroski Jr.

Sales Enablement Leader, IBM Watson Health

Building Your Sales Enablement Team

An eight-year veteran of sales enablement, Paul has been an influential part in building out the enablement function. Read on to learn his best practices for building out a sales enablement team.
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Kyle Himmelwright, Director of Revenue Enablement at Yelp
Kyle Himmelwright

Director of Revenue Enablement , Yelp

Revenue Enablement

Kyle Himmerman, Director of Revenue Operations at Yelp, has been leading revenue enablement efforts for the last 6 years. Learn his best practices for enablement success.
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Shannon Hempel

Sales Enablement Manager , Personify Corp

Human Learning Practices in Sales Enablement

Learn how Shannon pairs an educational degree with a masters in Instructional Design to give a unique perspective to understanding best practices in ‘human’ learning theory.
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Carly Lehner, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at Axiom Law
Carly Lehner

Senior Manager of Sales Enablement , Axiom Law

Sales Kick Off Venue Selection

In this video interview, Carly Lehner shares her tips for thinking outside the box for SKO venue selection.
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